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Are Public relations a component of your marketing strategy? 

Now being the number one soda brand in the world Coca-Cola’s position atop the branding world hasn’t come easily. The internationally known “Coca-Cola” brand owes part of its success to an aggressive  Public relations campaign that has made drinking Coke akin to apple pie, baseball and other American brands. PR is maybe the least understood yet most important of all marketing tools. In today’s post we are going to talk about why you need to reinforce your PR strategy.

Branding a product is all about promoting a term, symbol or a product name and you’ve absolutely did it but you still need to go farther as branding and public relations Go Hand-in-Hand. Why so? It’s because brand awareness is all about a consumer’s interest in recognizing a product.  Good PR management seeks to support a brands identity in the hearts and minds of consumers. In addition, the success of a good PR campaign is largely judged on a brand’s familiarity. In fact, there is a view that proper branding mixed with good PR can result in both higher sales and customer loyalty for a product or service

1.Consumers are much more likely to make a purchase based on third party endorsement than an advertisement. 

When you see an advertisement, don’t you know the company is trying to sell something?  In contrast, when a consumer sees third party coverage of a product or service, it is perceived much differently than a traditional advertisement. Readers feel that if an objective third party-a magazine, newspaper or radio reporter is featuring your company, you must be doing something worthwhile. 

2. Promote positive attitudes towards your business. 

By using proven public relations (PR) tools and activities, you can promote positive attitudes and behaviors towards your business that will help convert interested consumers into customers. 

3. Public relations boost an organization's credibility. 

It makes your brand look more influential, bigger, and more important than it may otherwise be. Public relations experts’ job is akin to pitching something with marketing and advertising efforts and this has greater credibility with the public than does advertising. 

4. Public relations promote goodwill and communication between the company and consumer. 

By hearing positive information from a third party, consumers are more likely to engage in communications with your business. Great public relations mean setting up ongoing relationships with many important influencers and therefore their audiences.

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The field of public relations has undergone a lot of changes due to the growth and popularity of social media. How has social media changed the world of PR? Share your thoughts with us. Your feedback is very important to us!

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