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Marketing is becoming more content driven and more competitive. Brands need a video marketing strategy as a surefire way to get up to speed on best practices. Video ads generate more emotional cues than a photo can, with the ability to tell an extensive story and appeal to a wider range of senses.

Contrary to popular belief, a video advertisement does not need to go viral to be successful.

To my preferences, I've compiled 8 best video ads used by brands in Kigali in 2017 that can inspire your next digital ad campaign. Take a look and be in good shape:

Remote estates

Agency: Quake Advertising

Ibuka n'ab'I muhira

Agency: LANGE

The ad tells an amazing story of a guy whose name is Karoli. He left his home

country and went abroad. Arriving there, he became busy and could not communicate with his friend

Dative, on a daily basis. Can you discover what made this ad an ideal ad for Nilefy brand? It made

everyone who saw it curiously think about Nilefy. He was like "how is it going to

help Karoli and alike people?" Watch the story:

MTN Irekure

Agency: Metropolitan Republic 

If you've not yet seen the series of funny MTN Internet Irekure commercial you're

missing out. Every single ad in the series is a comedy sensation where the

actor requests something and surprisingly gets more than  expected. Here is

one for Honorine (Miss Gisabo) requests  a small piece of meat get the whole cow:

Tera story

Agency: Scanad Rwanda

Airtel nailed it by featuring the superstar The Ben in this emotional commercial.

The ad was about a new Airtel's service where you could make calls and only pay for the first minute. watch it here:

Byoroshye na Tigo Cash

His Africanness means he tends to send money to his siblings as a gifts and

sometimes buy phone airtime for his parents just to keep contact. Sharif is

heavy on the social media, radio and TV. Watch how he uses Tigo Cash to ease

the process:

Save Your Money

Agency: LANGE

SAHASRA electronics, an LED lights manufacturer has been in

Rwanda since 2012. It seemed like no one knew it was there. From July

2017, Lange Technologiez worked with Sahasra to help them capture

awareness and convert customers. In Rwanda and everywhere else, people

always Struggle so as to live. it costs them a deep sweating to earn money. To

create an ad that will boom, they used a normal person not a super star to tell

about the pros of using Sahasra led lights as well as cons of not doing so.

Nootrimama Launch

Agency: Quake Advertising

To launch of Nootri's range of commercial products designed to address the

nutritional needs of a child in its first 1,000 days of development, Africa

Improved Foods, used this ad. Enjoy:


Bank Of Kigali nailed it using an emotional story of an old woman who sold her beloved cow for the tuition fees of her son, to introduce their Bigereho Product. Take look:

As a conclusion, video is not the future, video is now. If your marketing and communication strategy doesn't include video you are being left out. At Lange technologiez, we are ready to partner with you to create cost effective video adverts that will help you to conquer the hearts of your customers. Fell free to get in touch with us.

I am the Founder of Lange Technologiez. My passion is of helping established and start up brands to conquer the hearts of their customers by offering creative marketing communication tips and advice.

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